Alpha Fleet Services

Alpha Fleet Services



UK Familiarisation Training - for company staff recently arrived in the UK and needing to get used to driving on the left hand side of the road

New Recruit Risk Assess - designed to ensure that new employees will not be a liability to your company if their jobs will involve driving cars and/or vans

Defensive Driver Training - a course that will help reduce risk to your staff and vehicles by helping to develop a defensive approach to hazards encountered on the road

SAFED for Vans Training - a course designed specifically for the Department for Transport to help companies that operate vans up to 3.5 tonne gvw reduce risk and fuel consumption without adverse effect on journey times

Eco-Safe Driver Training - similar to the SAFED course but for car drivers instead

In house Risk Assessor - an intensive course incorporating advance driving up to and including the Advanced Driving Test plus training to risk assess other people's driving. This course enables a company to risk assess occupational road risk 'in house' by utilising the skills of its own employees that have successfully completed this course.without the need to call in outside professional help. This keeps costs under control and negates the need for external professional help unless there is need of training.

Alpha Fleet Services is a trading name of Alpha School of Motoring Ltd 34 William Bonney Est. Clapham SW4 7JQ Company Number 05312995                                    Telephone: 0800 088 74 02                                          Contact